HAKS, Inc., was initially founded in 1975 by Herbert and Kay Segawa, as a family corporation. They bought a DQ sub-franchise from Henry Gouveia, who was the original Dairy Queen franchisee on the Big Island of Hawaii. After completing the construction of a brand new facility modeled after the DQ farm house pattern at its present location, the store opened for business on May 1, 1976.

Rodney Segawa was the original manager who built a strong foundation of the business, and put into effect the drive-thru service in 1979. We were the first drive-thru to serve plate lunches! At that time, we were only able to take a maximum of 4 cars.

In 2001, International Dairy Queen, wanted us to sell only Dairy Queen products of ice-cream and burgers. We felt the need to serve the community, with local plate lunches and favorites, and decided to go on our own. In May of 2001, we became KOZMIC CONES!

As KOZMIC CONES, we are able to make our own martian meals, and create our own products, and serve our favorites like chicken katsu, and nutty cones.

As KOZMIC CONES, We are very grateful for the people that faithfully patronize us. Many of them have become our daily friends. We appreciate the children after school, and its amazing, how you see that grow up and visit us with their families.

As KOZMIC CONES, We are most grateful for all of our employees. They have been very loyal, and have worked very hard to contribute to the success of our business. We are most fortunate to have Fred and Gale who have been with us for more than 35 years.

We have been here, for almost 40 years, and we hope to continue to serve good food and great service for many years to come!